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Lets TEACH Africa to Rock ‘n Roll…..

As the sun rises over African plains and the deserts of Middle East, meet the Khamisi family - mom and dad, Harrison and his sisters, Ada and Imani. After breakfast, mom waves goodbye and children amble down a dusty path to a makeshift classroom (sans room) out in the open, under a wawa tree. Mom and Dad (and maybe Grandma and Granddad) are off to work on the village building site, home to 60,000 families, complete with hospitals, schools and recreational facilities.

Look - listen - learn……

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls…. Welcome to the greatest show on Earth…” so said many a ringmaster when welcoming all present to the big top….. now home to Pride Rock Education (under a Wawa tree).

Teacher takes roll-call, children take their seats followed by themed lesson of the day. At the end of school, mom (or dad or maybe both) overview the day with teacher, collect a loaf of bread for the family to return home for dinner and a good night's rest.

Every child has the right to free education with Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic - known as the 3 “R’s” - being the basic building blocks.

Sportsmanship and unfaltering team spirit are the very foundations of every solid sound society. And so too, at Maveric. On a very basic soccer field adjoining the school, a cacophony of ball games dominate after school and weekends games and matches - cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, swingball and an odd tennis ball or two may be spotted in full flight.

Whilst 1500 Maveric NGO Sovereign States Villages are being built, Maveric Educators, outside village fences, accompany the village children on their life’s journey of discovery. Interaction with family, friends, neighbours, community and immediate surroundings are teachers’ tools and children's textbooks.

Pride Rock Education open air classrooms offer a tiny tantalising taste of the full buffet. Learners, smartly dressed in full school attire - blazer, uniform, shoes, socks, sports gear, are ready to learn the three “R’s”, crafts, life skills through curriculum aligned age appropriate fun themed activities and lessons. The “House of Wisdom” Library on wheels, is stocked, edge to edge, with books of knowledge, fun, creations, cookery (and crookery) in a beautifully adorned container.

School desks, chairs, books, abacuses, school bags complete with space cases, pencils - all sorts, ruler, sharpener, craft scissors and glue will be on site.


Maveric Bank, an integral part of the Pride Rock Education program, will award each child M100 in a Maveric “Kidz” Bank account. Banking, money management, financial savvy and growing your personal money tree are paramount in a child’s growth and a nation’s development.

Although given in advance, this Maveric moolah must be earned by children completing specifically assigned tasks : covering school books, colouring-in, reading, reciting, performing, creative writing, rubbish-free school yard, tidy classrooms (even outdoors), positive interaction with fellow classmates and teachers. Set criteria with predetermined points are used by teachers to evaluate performance delivery.

Lyrics by Johnny Clegg, famous African singer (aka Le Zoulou Blanc) “I think I can make it on my own under African Skies”, confirm that determination, respect for others and positive self-belief makes all things possible.

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